Love is Blind XX

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Colin Beach had not been to Trowton Hall since he was 21, now at 35 he was back in England to attend a family wedding and he couldn’t resist looking in on the old place. Up until he emigrated he lived there in the West Wing , his father was the gardener, his mother helped out in the kitchen and when he was 18 he was taken on as his father’s assistant. It was a family affair.
Just after Colin had taken the job, the daughter Lady Delphine, or Delphi for short, returned home from school in Switzerland and that’s when his world totally changed. She was obsessed with sex, not just ordinary sex but the kinky kind. It was a very exciting time and he was loath to leave there but he figured it couldn’t go on for ever and it didn’t. After he moved away the owners went broke, the place was sold to someone from the Middle East and his mom and dad lost their jobs and joined him in Canada.
When he arrived at the gates he was surprised to find it had been turned into a private girl’s school. He assumed that students and teachers would be on summer vacation but he thought he might find someone who would let him look around. He was shocked when the first person he saw was Delphi. She was walking in the grounds and she recognized him instantly and ran over to him and threw her arms around him.
“My dear darling Colin,” she cried, “You have come back to me.”
She almost looked the same as when he last saw her, her long hair still shone like spun gold and he immediately picked up the perfume, Ashes of Roses, she always wore it. “I could buy a most expensive fragrance,” she’d say. “But when I was away at college it always reminded me of the rose garden your father tended. He loved those roses and so did I.”
Over tea in the old West Wing he discovered that she had purchased the property back and was now the headmistress there.
“Fortunately I married well,” she said, “He was an awful boring little man but he had tons of money and fortunately for me he took terrible risks with his life, you know extreme sports. One day while paragliding in the French Alps he ran into a solid wall of granite and I was left a relatively rich widow.”
“And so instead of retiring somewhere in the South of France you decided to be a school teacher.”
“It’s what we call a finishing school actually, the girls are from 16 to 18 and we do lots of nice things like – learn how to behave at the dinner table, dress for the debutantes ball and speak three different languages.”
“You don’t teach them about sex?”
“No – I’d love that but I undertake to protect their virginity and their parents trust me. Consequently I have to run the place a bit like a concentration camp because I know if I let them loose they’d be fucking every farm boy in the area.”
“You sure taught me about sex.”
“Yes it was fun wasn’t it, do you remember when I slid down the banister naked and you sat at the bottom with an erection with the idea of impaling my cunt on it.”
“Do I?” he laughed, “I still have a bruised tail bone from when I fell to the floor with you on the top of me.”
“Gosh it was great, we did it on the swing, in a hammock and once you fucked me up the ass in a rubber boat on the lake. You may think I’m foolish,” she said, with a nostalgic look in her eye “But I still dream up things we could have done and feel kind of disappointed that we didn’t.”
“Well I’m willing to give your ideas a go if you are – as long as they’re not life threatening.,”
“You’re not married or anything are you?”
“No I’m in what you’d call a loose relationship, in fact it’s so loose at the moment it’s falling apart.”
“Glad to hear it,” she laughed and slapped him good naturedly on the back, “I must tell you my favorite so far is related to boxing.”
“Yes we are naked accept for boxing gloves and one of the protective things for the head – well the idea is you have to fight to fuck me.”
“That does verge on life threatening,”
“Nonsense it’s just clean fun – well sort of clean.”
In the very bedroom where his parents once slept it was time for the contest between Colin weighing 170 pounds and Delphi weighing at 115. With the differences in weight he felt he must somehow have the advantage. They first took off their clothes and Colin was amazed that she was in just as great a shape as when he used to rattle her bones in the old days. Delphi looked him up and down approvingly, as he did work out a bit, and his dick was just as long and thick as she remembered it.
Dressed in slip on gloves and protective head gear, that she brought from the gym, they got into their positions on the rug at the bottom of the queen sized bed. She dramatically announced the bout, dancing round to acknowledging the cheers from her invisible fans and with a big smile on her face she squared off.
The first thing that distracted Colin was her tits, they jiggled around as she pranced about pretending she was Mohamed Ali and landed a blow on the side of his head that just about knocked him off of his feet. He didn’t really have any intention of punching her, he ducked and bobbed around hoping that he could wrestle her onto the bed and ram his dick into her divine looking pussy.
The sparring went on for a while and then it was she who introduced a wrestling moved, tripping him up so that he fell flat on his back. She then pinned his arms down and lowered herself onto his shaft.
It was wet and it was hot as his dick slid inside and it felt better as it went further and further in. As she moved slowly up and down on him her tits swayed gently from side to side and at that point he was willing to throw in the towel and concede defeat.
He was fully expecting to shoot his load inside of her but she had other ideas and when he was feeling that he was about to cum she got up and started sparring around again. Frustrated, his knob throbbing, he walloped her one in the shoulder and then dived on top of her. The pair landed on the bed and he quickly ejected his gloves as he was anxious to do some serious fucking.
Delphi followed his lead and soon and they lay in a passionate embrace their tongues desperately getting to know each other again. When he slipped a little way down the bed and started sucking her tits she whimpered like a Japanese porn star. He knew exactly how she liked it, he licked her nipples and moved his fingers gently up and down the side of her tits as he did so.
She was breathing heavy and he fully expected to slide further down and put his face between her thighs but once again – she had other ideas. Performing what amounted to an acrobatic move she ended up with his dick in her mouth. Or should we say – halfway down her throat.
He was hoping this time that she would allow him to cum and the way she was sucking his cock it looked as if his dream would come true. Dephi worked it with her soft full lips and fondled his balls with her long slender fingers until he thought the whole bottom end of his body would go off like a bomb.
The tension was almost unbearable as she pumped away and then he felt his cum traveling up his pipe and shooting into her mouth. She loved it as much as he did. Even when he’d stopped ejaculating she kept him in her mouth and continued running her tongue around it.
It was his turn to be the acrobat and he quickly spun her around and ended up with her ass sitting on his face and her crack spread out across his mouth. He reached up and held onto her tits as he licked and sucked her cunt. When it started to quiver and vibrate she began to hold her breath and then suddenly let out a piercing scream.
She didn’t want to wait any longer for him to ram his cock into her and once more she sat on it, however he quickly turned her over so that he was on the top and he started to drive it into her full force.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she yelled at the top of her voice, “Fill my cunt up with cum.”
This was the part where Delphi always went hysterical almost as though she was having a fit of some kind. As well as his ass going up and down she was working hers at the same time and when she felt that he was cumming she began to make strange sounds culminating in yet another scream as his last powerful thrusts shot his goo into her crack.
“Holy shit,” she cried, as he lay there on the top of her, “You’re just as good as you ever were Colin – why don’t you come and live at Trowton again, we could fuck each other into senility.”
Colin rolled off of her and laughed, I’m not sure how that would work out but I will think it over.
Seeing her again had brought back such happy memories he decided that he’d stop over at the local pub that night and there he met a couple of his old school chums from when he lived at Trowton. He mentioned that he’d been to the Hall and they said it was a pity it had fallen into ruin.
“When her and her rich husband got killed in France it was the end of their dream of turning it into a school,” said Chad Morrison.
“Who got killed?” he asked, confused by the way the conversation was going.
“Lady Delphi, the woman you had a crush on when you were young,” grinned the other, “Mind you they do claim that she walks around them gardens sometimes – Billy Crofts says he’s seen her.”
Early the next morning he drove out to Trowton Hall and sure enough the place was in a dilapidated condition, the school sign was faded and the gardens overgrown with weeds. With a deep sigh he opened the door of his car but froze for a moment as something sent a cold shiver down his spine and once again he picked up the distinctive scent of – Ashes of Roses. THE END
Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri