He Up Filled My Curriculum XXX

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by Lauren McAllister

I really shouldn’t have gone to that party in the first place. My husband and I had just had a knockdown, drag out fight but I just needed a place to chill for a couple of hours and not stab and stab and stab his trachea with my ginsu knife collection. Alas, my friend Jenny was having a birthday party and she was serving vast amounts of comfort food and alcohol so I was irresistibly drawn to her door.
About six daiquiris into my stay, I happened upon a handsome young man peeking through Jenny’s CD collection. He looked about 20, had piercing blue eyes and was built like a brick shit house. What more can a drunken girl want?
“See anything you like?” I inquired, conveniently forgetting all about my 12 years of marriage.
Jerrod turned to me with this dazzling smile. “You can always find out something interesting about a person by the music they collect.”
“I have an album of chickens singing Christmas carols at home, what does that say about me?”
“It says, (there was that damn panty-melting smile again) that you may be one smokin’ hot looking woman, but you need to spend some serious time asking my advice about what to listen to.”
I didn’t hear much after he called me a “smokin’ hot looking woman” but I sort of got the gist of what he was trying to convey. He may have been more than a decade younger than me, but I wasn’t going to let that lower his chances of having a good time.
I continue to play hard to get for at least another 27 seconds. The next thing I remember is standing in Jenny’s shoe closet with a man’s hand under my bra. I know that having a big pair of tits can sometimes be a real hassle but at moments like this one, they more than pay their way. My whole chest was tingling from his touch as our tongues engaged in rudimentary swing dancing. Yes, our relationship had really blossomed in the 5 ½ minutes we had known each other. So much so, I felt the time had probably come to officially unzip his pants. By this point, items of clothing were dropping to the ground like buzzards on a dead prospector. My shirt and bra were off and he was busy licking and nibbling on my very excited nipples. It had been a depressingly long time since they had received this much attention and they were loving every licky minute of it.
I pushed my hand down into his underwear and wrapped it brazenly around his rock hard penis. Even after an exceedingly thorough inspection, it was very difficult to find anything to dislike about the length and thickness of his youthful equipment. Boy-Toy cock is so wonderfully hungry and eager to please. I could feel it dry-humping my palm as I jiggled his balls with the tips of my fingers. A little pre-cum dribbled out of its head and moistened my wrist. I could feel my own sexual apparatus becoming increasingly damp as it readied itself for company.
My slacks were a crumpled mess on the carpet by this time and my mystery lover was exploring the inner depths of my ass crack with his fingers. As enjoyable as having the sanctity of my pucker-hole repeatedly violated (and I can’t recommend it enough), I grew ever more impatient to take him into my mouth and feel the smooth hardness of his knob laying claim to the back of my throat.
After removing all remaining clothing (mine and especially his), I dropped down to my knees to pay his righteous rod a friendly visit. It had been months since I’d performed this duty upon my husband but then again, his wasn’t nearly this much fun. I rolled it around on my tongue and bathed it in my saliva, inhaling as much of it as I could without choking. I let my teeth scrape gently up the length of his shaft as I noisily pulled my lips free from his swollen pant protrusion. Vast amounts of nut-licking ensued, followed by even more sword swallowing.
Jenny’s shoe closet wasn’t gigantic (she really needed to do something about that), so there was no way I was going to be able to lie down on my back. Luckily, post-adolescent penis is very seldom dissuaded from completing its appointed rounds no matter how unfavorable the conditions. Jerrod pushed me up against the wall, lifted my right leg with his left hand and stuck his pee pee right up into my place most feminine. It wasn’t very hard for him to work his way into my interior. His sexy wiles had pretty well turned my twat into a soup tureen. I could barely contain my squeals of delight as I felt him sliding further and further inside me. Inch by inch he shoved his wad up into the very core of my essence. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this turned on. His thrusts were so urgent and unbridled, it pushed my clit dial-up to eleven and I felt the orgasmic tide begin to swell in my vaginal harbor. I grabbed the back of his head as I swallowed his tongue in unholy congress as he rammed himself into me. My mind was on fire with just one thought. “Young cock! Young cock! Young cock!” My climax burst forth like a fucking tanker-truck exploded between my legs. I stuffed my face deep into his chest to try and muffle my bestial grunts and screams. My cunt contracted so tightly, I thought I might sever his insistent member clean off his body (not that it would be a totally bad thing). The undulating tautness of my ravenous vaginal maw was also having an effect on my shoe-closet stallion. I felt a massive pelvic jerk and gladly welcomed spurt after spurt of his swirly, gooey semen into sanctity of my married womb. His spirited seeding of my devastated quim seemed to last for minutes. When he had finally finished ravaging and ravishing every inch of my interior, rich creamy spunk dripped from my gaping, satiated slut hole.
I was about to plead for sloppy seconds (after all, he was very young) when there was a knock at the door.
“When you’re done in there, you’re husband just showed up,” Jenny informed me. Yikes!
Apparel was quickly re-worn and innocent and no-way-we-were-just-fucking faces adopted. I spent the rest of the night fawning all over hubby and I gave him the blowjob of his life when we got home. It’s the least I could do.
A couple of weeks went by and Jerrod-in-the-shoe-closet was just a pleasant memory that I pulled out when hubby was flopping around on top of me and I wanted to cum.
But then September rolled around and parties and young men in rooms set aside to store foot apparel had to take a back seat to work. Sigh.
My first couple of English classes were uneventful affairs with mostly dull-minded, disinterested teens. The usual. The first class of the afternoon though, changed my world. For there, sitting in the third row of seats was Jerrod! It turns out he wasn’t 20 but barely 18! I saw my entire career flash before my eyes as we discussed the sexual symbolism in the geographic setting of “The Great Gatsty”.
As the class drew to a close, I tried desperately to formulate a plan. I’d accidentally fucked one of my own students. He was probably sitting there at his desk remembering the feel of my tits and sight of thick strands of his teenage semen dripping down from my swollen pussy lips. It’s exceedingly fortunate that embarrassment isn’t fatal, or I would have required embalming by the final bell.
When the class from the deepest most bone-boiling pits of hell finally concluded, I asked Jerrod to please hang back as students aimlessly shuffled out. Shit! He smiled at me and all I could think of was me down on my knees with his cock in my mouth.
As soon as the last literary dullard had departed, I was about to break into unabashed beseechment (and possibly generous money-offering) but Jerrod put up his hand. He held all the cards, I had no choice but to comply and hear what he had to say.
“I’ve been thinking about you every second of the last two weeks,” he began. “What happened at that party fucking rocked my world.”
I was about to throw in my beseeching two cents worth (and upping my already generous money offer) but he again put up his hand.
“You are the hottest, sexiest, most attractive woman I have ever known and if that one glorious, magical moment we shared amongst another’s footwear is the entirety of our ardor then I shall go to my grave with a smile for having known you. The path ahead is for you alone to determine, for the spell has been cast and I am hopelessly, irreversibly bewitched.”
Wow! I hadn’t really listened to him talk before. This guy had a brain. That evening, I fucked him in the backseat of my car behind a local bakery. And that was just the start of our passionate student/teacher entanglements. I sucked him off in the school’s furnace room and I gave him anal on my husband’s birthday. We were at a party that night and I was watching hubby blow out his candles on his cake with another man’s cum up my ass. It was absolutely epic.
That whole year I couldn’t stop spreading my legs for Jerrod’s insatiable cock. He fucked me raw and I loved it. At Christmas time I took him over to Jenny’s for a two-day threesome. Good old Jen is up for anything naughty and this was off the charts. What with spit roasts, daisy chains, getting doggie-styled while lying on top of Jen and “Spin the Bottle” (the winner got Jerrod’s dick and the loser had to use the bottle), I thought I was going to have to carry my twat home in a bucket of ice. My significant other didn’t receive any boudoir goodies until well after New Year.
From then until graduation, it was Jenny’s for lunch and the bakery alley for our afterschool, extra-curricular activities. He got an “A” in my class and an “A+” in my vagina but I still insisted that he take part in a rigorous summer school program.
Needless to say, it was a solemn day when Jerrod packed his bags and headed off to Princeton. He wrote me this amazing goodbye poem that had me crying for weeks. I’ve had a few lovers since Mr. J. but nothing with the same spark or orgasmic “Pow!” of my favorite schoolboy. But I am a firm believer in good things coming to those who wait. Jerrod’s brother Tom is having a very special birthday in two weeks and Jen and I plan on throwing him a very, very, very special party.

Copyright 2014 Lauren McAllister


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