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By Cristiano Caffieri

Abby Mendel was a determined young woman – what she wanted, she usually got – and what she wanted this time was the suave and distinguished new doorman at her office building. He’d only been doing the job for about a week but she spotted him immediately. Handsome and with thick, black, curly hair, he had a smile that could charm the birds out of the trees and was built like a brick shit house.

And he had noticed her back. Who wouldn’t? She was one of those long-legged, short-skirted, business-executive city women who ate right, exercised regularly and exuded raw sexuality.

This woman, who had been brought up in comparative poverty, had a lust for power and rose to the top by trampling on anyone who got in her way. She was proud of that.

The doorman seemed easy pickings. She assumed by his heavy accent that he was a recent immigrant. As such, he would be anxious to keep his job and comparatively easy to manipulate.

Abby realized she didn’t even know the name of the uniformed hunk she was beginning to drool over.

She ordered her assistant to pull his file so she could check out his curriculum vitae – education, work experience and (especially) marital status, and was surprised when her aide came back empty-handed.

“Go and check the fucking files again,” she yelled, throwing a pen at her cringing underling.

Seething that something hadn’t turned out the way she wanted, she tapped petulantly on her desk and did some hard thinking.

Soon, any number of her staffers were joined in the search. But no files emerged and it began to look like he wasn’t even on the payroll.

For someone who was supposed to be a nonentity, the mystery man began to intrigue her more and more. She became so horny thinking about him that she pulled up her short skirt and started to massage her twat under desk. Just as she was about to come, her assistant popped back into the office.

“Lizzie in Personnel said the only doorman on file is old Ernie Summers. But I know Ernie, and that ain’t him. Your guess is as good as mine as to who that clown actually is.”

“Get security to question him,” she snapped. “Right away!”

The answers that came back were far from satisfactory. He gave his name as Paolo Manfredo and said he was standing in for Ernie, who he said was sick. But filling in for a pal without telling the boss is a big no-no in the business world. Abby immediately ordered him to be brought to her office to dress him down.

When “Paolo” walked in, he gave her that wonderful smile of his and she practically forgot what she planned to say to him. Worse, Abby leaned too far back in her chair in attempting to look casual and did a backwards summersault onto the floor.

Her mystery employee was by her side in a split-second. He put his arms around his boss (or was she his boss?), pulled her to her feet and looked deep into her eyes.

Even as she began to make excuses about being clumsy, he kept his hands anchored about her slim waistline. Suddenly this woman, who thought that she was the one that wielded all the power and made all the decisions, was feeling weak at the knees.

Abby moved her face a little closer to his, inviting him to take advantage of her quivering lips, and take advantage he did. Crushing his open mouth against hers, he pulled her tight against his chest and her arms snaked around his neck as if they were longtime lovers.
Abby could feel his rock-hard dick pressing against the base of her belly and she wondered just how far it would reach if he rammed it up inside of her. She wasn’t going to have to wait long to find out, as his hand stealthily crept inside her top, pushing her chief executive B-cups upwards and gently caressing her soft, warm tits.

In return, the bold executive stroked his protruding penis with her fingers, which was all the encouragement he needed. Overcome with desire, he began to strip off her clothes; Abby offered no resistance. First he pulled the top over her head and unbuttoned the side of her skirt, then knelt on the floor in order to yank her panties down to her ankles.

She leaned back, her arms resting on the desk, as Paolo wrapped his big hands around her buttocks and began to languorously lick her trimmed pussy. To help facilitate his deep and delicious lingual probing, she moved one leg aside, giving him easy access to her steaming wet crack. Removing his hands from her downy ass cheeks, he gently pulled open her vulva and explored the pink and well-lubricated folds of her velvety snatch.

It felt as though she’d been struck by lightning. Abby’s clit was going off like a grade-school fire alarm. Her whole being shook uncontrollably with the best orgasm of her life. Great thunderous jolts of climactic ecstasy pounded her entire body and left her in a shuddering heap on the plush carpet.

When she at last had regained her composure, she began to literally tear off Paolo’s shirt. Eager to assist, he chivalrously unbuckled his belt. His company-assigned pants had not hit the floor before she was on her knees with his thick cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Grabbing on to her short blonde hair, he held it tightly as she eagerly slid up and down his impressive Johnson. This wouldn’t be long. Abby was jacking him furiously with her right hand and fondling his nuts with the other.

“Holy fuck!” he called out as he shot his viscous load into her mouth. His throbbing boner continued to ooze and spurt for several seconds before she slowly took it out, rubbing the twitching and dripping tip all over her face. Abby was now breathing heavily and groaning like a sex-starved beast.

Paolo’s dick seemed to have no intention of going back to its dormant state. The dynamic doorman (or was he?) swept her up in his arms and laid her down on the desk. First he sucked on her tits while probing her sopping cunt with his long fingers. Quickly dispensing with the foreplay formalities, he spread her legs open wide and rammed nine inches of man-meat inside her with one giant thrust.

Her eyes almost popped out of her head as he crashed up against her pubic bone again and again with his lengthy lap monster. This intense pud pounding went on for a dozen or more strokes before Paolo grabbed onto her tits and turned his boss-humping pace up to 11. Abby was being fucked dizzy and in a state of complete rapturous arousal.

Normally she was the aggressive one, the one who said how she wanted it. But now, she was surrendering her vagina to this unknown doorman, and ready to cater to his every whim. At that moment, he could have fucked her in the ass backwards, forwards or sideways – she was his!

Paolo’s balls started to feel like they were dipped in molten lava. His goo rapidly streaming up into her love canal, he let out a deafening yell – and she made it a duet. Her cunt-hole tightly constricted around the base of his cock, squeezing every drop of his cum into her as she rode out a second blistering orgasm.

After it was all over, they lay naked and panting on the desk. “Oh my god – who are you?” she hoarsely inquired. “Who the fuck are you?”

Paolo looked at her with a little guilt on his face and when he spoke, his accent suddenly changed from Sicilian to Harvard.

“I’m Charles Henley-Fry, the new owner of the company. I’m sorry about the subterfuge but I wanted to act as doorman for a few days so that I could observe the staff. In particular I wanted to see how they reacted to a man whose sole purpose is to open and close doors for them. I don’t like people in my companies looking down on others, and you have certainly passed that test with flying colors.”

From that moment on, Abby turned over a new leaf. Not only did she treat her immediate staff better but over the next few months she fucked the manager from traffic, the mail boy and the man who came to fix the blinds.

She now has frequent strategy meetings with Charles. Sometimes they’re held in the office; sometimes in the penthouse apartment he’s rented for her as a company perk. The building in which it’s housed has a doorman named Eduardo. She doesn’t know if he’s the owner of the building, or working undercover for her boss, but not wanting to take any chances, she lets him fuck her at least twice a month.

Eduardo thinks America is the greatest country in the world.


Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri