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PLEASE NOTE: Titles followed by xx are erotic super shorts, those marked xxx are somewhat more explicit and a little longer in length.




NEW – 101 Stories are sexy extracts from books by Cristiano Caffieri and Lauren McAllister.

Fucking Under the Influence XX by Cristiano Caffieri
When you’re randy, it can be dandy but liquor makes it quicker.

Cum with Me in the Caribbean xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Tyrone was a bit shy with women until he took a vacation at a tropical resort where the girls insist you get your rocks off.

Fucking Daddy’s Mistress XX by Cristiano Caffieri
Wally felt as guilty as hell but she proved to be irresistible and full of surprises!

Fucked in a Dark Room XX by Cristiano Caffieri
A plain single girl who was having no luck with the opposite sex hires the services of a professional gigolo who only makes love in the dark.

101 There’s a Goth Up My Ass xx By Cristiano Caffieri
Robbie was attracted to the funeral director who looked after his uncle Tom’s arrangements, she was as beautiful as she was mysterious, however when she invited him to dinner at her apartment, “over the funeral home,” things got a little crazy. Candles, Gregorian chants and a strap on dildo were to play a part in this Gothic fuck fest.

May I Borrow Your Wife XX by Cristiano Caffieri
When Truman agreed to let his wife Vanessa pretend to be his best friend’s wife, in order to clinch a business deal, neither of them expected sex to be involved !

Mandy Wants it up the Ass XX by Cristiano Caffieri
She was forty five years of age, in good shape and had a pretty good sex life but her husband refused to stick it up her pooper. Desperate to know what it was like she resorted to paying a young guy working his way through college for the experience.

The Farmer’s Daughters XX by Cristiano Caffieri
When a poor but fortunate salesman runs out of gas near a farm run by two attractive and very lonely sisters, he’s tempted to plow their furrows.

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There’s a Cock in my Doc xx by Cristiano Caffieri
A young man born with three balls is thoroughly examined by two beautiful Swiss lady doctors.

Face Fucking His Mother-in-law XX by Cristiano Caffieri
When a man stops by his ex-wife’s place to pick up his belongings the last thing he ever expected was to make nice with his mother-in-law, but “mom” had other ideas – ideas that didn’t involve clothing.



Okay, Who Gets Which Hole! XXX by Lauren McAllister
A girl can’t decide between two men and in the end…she doesn’t have to.

Live And Let Diaper XXX By Lauren McAllister

A girl’s gambling debts, at first, get her into serious trouble and then a playpen and a diaper!

My Son Got Into Brown…And Me! XXX by Lauren McAllister.
A proud mom takes her brilliant, but socially backward, son on a celebratory vacation, for getting into an Ivy League school. Alas, after a couple of beers, he becomes the life of her party.


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Good Vibrations…Very Good Vibrations XXX by Lauren MaAllister
When a high school girl gets her first vibrator, it changes her entire outlook on life…and especially her best gal pal. bisexual, lesbian, oral sex, sex toys

She Made Me Fuck My Son! XXX By Lauren McAllister
A sexually frustrated woman gets more than she bargained for when her son’s very forward girlfriend has a stay-over. lesbian, bi-sexual, incest, mother/son sex, threesome

It’s Your Best Friend’s Turn, Sweetheart XXX by Lauren McAllister. During a couple-swap – a young married woman becomes incredibly turned on – but not by what she expected. threesome, homo-erotic, cuckold,

My Husband’s New Boss XXX by Lauren McAllister
A true-blue wife volunteers to “be friendly” with the owner of a company to secure her husband a much needed job. Can this poor woman and her miserably cuckolded hubby turn the tables on this bastard of a boss? boss sex, anal sex, bondage, oral sex, cuckold,

The Farmer’s Daughter and Her Brother XXX By Lauren McAllister
A young woman dreads coming home from college to her strict mother and boring farm life. The only bright spot is getting to see her brother again. It become a very bright spot, indeed. Incest, farm sex, masturbation,

Is There a Doctor Up My Ass? XXX by Lauren McAllister
A woman goes to the doctor to see what is ailing her libido and gets the examination of a lifetime! anal sex, doctor sex, office sex,

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