#63 Erotic Short Stories and Adult Fiction (Over 18)

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PLEASE NOTE: Titles followed by xx are erotic super shorts, those marked xxx are somewhat more explicit and a little longer in length.


Up Your Neighbor xx by Cristiano Caffieri
When the woman next door tells him that her ex-boyfriend was better looking and had a bigger dick that him, Shane makes an extra effort to outdo the son-of-a-bitch.

Up Your Kilt xx by Cristiano Caffieri
When Ray took at job on a small Scottish Island he didn’t realize he’d been sharing accommodations with an attractive kilted female professor.

Wild Island Women xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Marooned on a Pacific Island where nagging wives are temporarily dumped by their tribal husbands for nagging, Tyler is welcomed with open arms and legs.

We Knew You Would Cum xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Two young women hooked on watching porn decide to invite their neighbor for dinner in order to try out a few moves on him.

Watching Game xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Julia only really enjoys fucking when there’s an audience – even a captive audience.

L’appartement-Story 1 My Landlady’s Lover xx by Cristiano Caffieri
L’appartement – Story 2 Ring My Bell xx by Cristiano Caffieri
L’appartement – Story 3 Pleasantly Plump xx by Cristiano Caffieri
L’appartement story 4 Sexual Favors xx by Cristiano Caffieri
L’appartement story 5 The Vegan Virgin xx by Cristiano Caffieri

This is a series of stories about Brad Davies, a guy who got dumped by his girl in Toronto and took off to live in Montreal. His job, serving healthy snacks in a women’s gym, is an ideal pick-up point, and his apartment just the place for them to get more intimate.

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The Blowjob Club XXX by Lauren McAllister
A woman, on her lunch break from a brain-numbing job, witnesses an act of kindness by a man that is poorly received by the woman recipient. She vows to make amends by being “very nice” to him, right there in the park. Soon, she’s rewarding guys all over town. Oral sex, public park sex, oral sex, masturbation

My Husband’s New Boss XXX by Lauren McAllister
A true-blue wife volunteers to “be friendly” with the owner of a company to secure her husband a much needed job. Can this poor woman and her miserably cuckolded hubby turn the tables on this bastard of a boss? boss sex, anal sex, bondage, oral sex, cuckold,

The Farmer’s Daughter and Her Brother XXX By Lauren McAllister
A young woman dreads coming home from college to her strict mother and boring farm life. The only bright spot is getting to see her brother again. It become a very bright spot, indeed. Incest, farm sex, masturbation,

My Husband Put his Goo is Sue XXX By Lauren Mcallister
A young married woman is normal in every way….except she likes to watch her husband fuck her female friends. threesome, voyeurism, masturbation,

My Unc Put His Spunk in My Trunk XXX by Lauren McAllister
A bitterly divorced woman takes her twins to their naughty uncle’s nudist colony and things get very naughty, indeed. incest, anal sex, oral sex, brother-sister sex.

Is There a Doctor Up My Ass? XXX by Lauren McAllister
A woman goes to the doctor to see what is ailing her libido and gets the examination of a lifetime! anal sex, doctor sex, office sex,



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The characters portrayed in these stories are fictional and any similarities with persons living or dead is purely a product of your own imagination.
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