#40 Erotic Short Stories and Adult Fiction (Over 18)

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PLEASE NOTE: Titles followed by xx are erotic super shorts, those marked xxx are somewhat more explicit and a little longer in length.


Awesome Foursome xx

When an older couple hear their younger neighbors fucking each others brains out through the thin dividing wall – it reignites their sex life – and then some!

Dogging for Dogs xx by Cristiano Caffieri
A couple who meet at a dog show arrange to mate their pedigree dogs but find that they have demonstrate just how enjoyable sex is to encourage their shy canines.

Do it to me Doctor! xx
Dr. Sauter examines every inch of an attractive young woman’s body and then gives her a beef injection.

Making the Maids xx
Joel couldn’t afford to go to college but when he got a job at the Vanderkirk Mansion the maids were determined to further his education.

Doctors and Nurses xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Wally never wanted to be a doctor but he was pressured into it by his family. Desperate to take up another career he decided to sexually harass some of the nurses and lady doctors so that he would get struck off. The problem was – they liked it!

Cum Mor Castle by Cristiano Caffieri
Simon inherits a Scottish Castle from his playboy cousin who only employed gorgeous women with big tits to run the place. Being on an isolated island, and he being the only male, it’s understood that he will provide for their sexual needs. It doesn’t take long before he realizes why his cousin only lived to be 42.

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In Praise of Married Women xxx by Lauren McAllister
What’s a girl to do when she likes girls who don’t necessarily like other girls? Lesbian, bi, lesbian sex, oral sex scissoring.

I’m Afraid I’m Going to Have to Incest xxx by Lauren McAllister
Mom is so embarrassed when her son catches her masturbating. Things get really interesting when she walks in on him having a righteous wank.

How a Big Young Cock Fixed My Daughter’s Teeth XXX by Lauren McAllister
An ordinary housewife, with two kids and a husband, is forced to to offer up her feminine gifts to strangers to bridge a shortfall in their family budget. group sex, young-old sex, oral sex, deflowering,

He Filled Up My Curriculum XXX by Lauren McAllister
A disgruntled housewife meets a young man at a party and things happen – and then even more things happen. threesome, oral, sex, workplace sex,

Cock-up in Aisle Four xxx by Lauren McAllister
A slightly bored housewife is out buying food for dinner when she notices an intense young man staring at her. She doesn’t stay slightly bored for long.


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