#28 Erotic Short Stories and Adult Fiction (Over 18)

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PLEASE NOTE: Titles followed by xx are erotic super shorts, those marked xxx are somewhat more explicit and a little longer in length.


Erotic Super Shorts by Christiano Caffieri

A Need for Therapy xx by Cristiano Caffieri
A pretty American girl studying in England is offered a country cottage for a week-end break and discovers that the owner has given two people a key. The second one to a handsome you man. It looks like trouble ahead – or something else maybe!

A Dog in the Closet xx by Cristiano Caffieri
They met because Bridie’s Bassett Hound licked his hand in the park but when he wanted to lick her cunt the dog decided he was going to stand between them.

As Tight as a Mouse’s Ear xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Twin virgin sisters sequestered on an island estate have been kept sexually illiterate by their wealthy father. Apart from himself no other man has set foot on the island. That was until Jacques Binoche ventured ashore to repair his boat and is persuaded by the young ladies to show them “His thing.”

Ace in Her Hole xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Ace Baxter spiked his very attractive bosses’ drink with a truth drug that he’d taken from his last place of employment. It seems as though she thought he was really hot and what happened next took the office temperature almost up to boiling point.

Cum Mor Castle by Cristiano Caffieri
Simon inherits a Scottish Castle from his playboy cousin who only employed gorgeous women with big tits to run the place. Being on an isolated island, and he being the only male, it’s understood that he will provide for their sexual needs. It doesn’t take long before he realizes why his cousin only lived to be 42.
Episode I xx
Episode II xx
Episode III xx
Episode IV xx
Episode V xx

Slightly longer XXX stories by Lauren McAllister

How to Fuck an Alien xxx by Lauren McAllister
When a woman has been stuck on a remote planet without the benefit of male company, sometimes she figures out a way to make do with what she does have.

How a Big Young Cock Fixed My Daughter’s Teeth XXX by Lauren McAllister
An ordinary housewife, with two kids and a husband, is forced to to offer up her feminine gifts to strangers to bridge a shortfall in their family budget. group sex, young-old sex, oral sex, deflowering,

He Filled Up My Curriculum XXX by Lauren McAllister
A disgruntled housewife meets a young man at a party and things happen – and then even more things happen. threesome, oral, sex, workplace sex,

Cock-up in Aisle Four xxx by Lauren McAllister
A slightly bored housewife is out buying food for dinner when she notices an intense young man staring at her. She doesn’t stay slightly bored for long.


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