#12 Erotic Short Stories and Adult Fiction (Over 18)

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PLEASE NOTE: Titles followed by xx are erotic super shorts, those marked xxx are somewhat more explicit and a little longer in length.


Erotic Super Shorts by Christiano Caffieri

Accidentally in Paradise by Cristiano Caffieri
When Ben Fielding passes out in the Nevada desert he wakes up in what he thinks is a normal hospital but when the lady doctor and her voluptuous nurse strip off and treat him to some unusual therapy it’s anything but normal.

A Case of Mistaken Identity xx by Cristiano Caffieri
A young American in Paris is approached by a young woman who believes he’s a long lost boyfriend. As she seems bent on becoming intimate he plays along with her.

Cum into my Lab Miss Pepperdine xx
by Cristiano Caffieri
The fumes from some chemicals in the lab makes Miss Pepperdine’s boss so horny he fucks her there and then – it’s something she’d always dreamed of so she’s not complaining.

Cupboard Love xx by Cristiano Caffieri
Cupboard Love by Cristiano Caffieri
When two students get locked in a cupboard by an escaped criminal and they’re naked – it leads to – well you know!

Cum Mor Castle by Cristiano Caffieri
Simon inherits a Scottish Castle from his playboy cousin who only employed gorgeous women with big tits to run the place. Being on an isolated island, and he being the only male, it’s understood that he will provide for their sexual needs. It doesn’t take long before he realizes why his cousin only lived to be 42.
Episode I xx
Episode II xx
Episode III xx

Slightly longer XXX stories by Lauren McAllister

Cock-up in Aisle Four xxx by Lauren McAllister
A slightly bored housewife is out buying food for dinner when she notices an intense young man staring at her. She doesn’t stay slightly bored for long.

Baby it’s Cuckold Outside
xxx by Lauren McAllister
After suffering through a long line of jerks, a beautiful woman finds a really sweet guy to settle down with. Alas, after a few years, she begins to long for a little bit of her former, not so sweet, life.

An Unexpected Turn of Yvette xxx by Lauren McAllister
Some girls don’t always pick the best mates. Yvette is certainly one of them. When her recidivist boyfriend skips down and saddles her with a large debt to a very unpleasant fellow, Yvette is forced to offer up her anal cherry as payment.

And the Prize goes to…xxx by Lauren McAllister
Two really close and really smokin’ high school pals are about to start college but don’t want to enter the hallowed halls of academe as virgins. Unlike all their friends, they decide they are going to bestow their “gift most feminine” upon a nice guy. All they have to do is find him and bed him.


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The characters portrayed in these stories are fictional and any similarities with persons living or dead is purely a product of your own imagination.

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri and Lauren McAllister 2011 – 2016 You may not sell, license, sub-license, rent, transfer or distribute any part of this story or the photographs herein in any format, or claim ownership. However, I would welcome you emailing this link to those who you feel might be interested in reading these stories.


WARNING: Casual sex can be fun to read and write about but in reality it can be a serious health hazard – take care!


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